SEO For Lawyers

Did you know that 96 percent of the individuals seeking legal services use the internet for research. Whereas, 74 percent of the internet users go to a lawyer’s website to hire the service. That means you have to appear in the list that comes before your potential clients. According to an estimate, 75 percent of the internet users do not move past the first result page of the search engine. That is why your website needs to be listed on the first result page.

Here is where you need a robust SEO strategy. Having impeccable know-how and exceptional argumentation skills can help reach a favorable verdict or an amazing settlement. But it is not enough to bring you clients or spread the word about your success in the modern digital arena.

We help boost your site’s ranking on the search engines while helping you become visible on Google Maps.

Here is what we can do for your law firm to flourish:

Website Optimization

We markup your website with image, title tag, header, URL, meta attributions, and content. It will enable the search engines to index your site. Many law services websites do not pay attention to these aspects, as they do not have sufficient time to learn about SEO. We take care of everything so that you can focus on what you excel.


Your potential clients need to find their way around on your website. It can be frustrating for a user if everything is crammed at one place or the important tabs are nowhere to be seen in the first glance. We analyze your website and identify the risk of having a disgruntled visitor, known as a bounce, by observing the analytics.


Your website needs relevant, high quality content to establish credibility. We conduct site audit to ascertain the weakness in the current content strategy and then chalk out a new one to ensure high traffic generation.


We generate legit backlinks to your website by providing informative, quality content.

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