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Looking for mobile app development services in Milton, Toronto, or anywhere else in the world? Our mobile app developers are rock stars in identifying the best solution for your specific business needs.

Depending on your business, the problem that you are trying to solve and who is going to use the solution. We have the experience and the expertise to build native mobile iOS and Android Apps or Progressive Web App. Our team of digital consultants, UX designers, developers, and App store optimization experts will work with you to identify the right solution and the right platform for your mobile experience. 

Most importantly our goal is to deliver a successful product that has a high adaption rate and will delight your users.

Our Design & Development Process

We believe in providing creative digital solutions that solve complex business problems. That is why we have a well established process we will for each and every client.

Strategy & Roadmap.

We partner with organizations to reimagine their business operations, help create and execute a strategy that drives digital innovation.

Visual & UX Design

We use design thinking principles that deliver mobile experiences that address real end user problems. Our Human-Centered design approach ensures that products are actually relevant and beneficial.


In our years of experience working with diverse customers we have learnt that to develop a mobile application or website design that truly address the needs of our customers and their end users, you have to use an iterative development process with customer feedback at it’s core. 

Launch & Monitor

Because we believe in long term partnerships. We not only will build the mobile app for your business we will work with you to make it successful. We can also help with optimization or PPC ads to help you get more downloads.

What We Build For


Food & Drink




Sports & Fitness 

Real Estate 




What We Offer

We offer a comprehensive mobile app design and development services. What does this mean for our clients? You will get a more comprehensive service compared to freelance app developers. Our clients do not need to worry about mobile app design, development, launch, and maintenance we take care of it all.

Mobile App Development

Are you looking to increase brand engagement, enhance productivity, or cultivate the best user experience for your customers, you’ve come to the right place. From idea to launch, Our Human-Centric design approach blows away the cookie-cutter designs.

Roadmap & Strategy

Capitalize on the business opportunity by developing a harmonized digital strategy that puts technology at the heart of your organization. We help organizations to reimagine their business operations, help create and execute a strategy that drives digital transformation.

Backend & API Development

In Today’s complex digital world no user experience is complete without connecting and integrating with back-office software or tools. Our designers and developers have worked on some of the most complex integrations for our clients.

User Centric Experiences

Digital design thinking that delivers digital experiences that solve real-world problems for your customers. Our Human-Centered design approach ensures that products are actually relevant and beneficial for the end-user.

WorldClass Support

We believe in long term relationships and the success of our clients. That is why we pride ourselves on providing world class after launch support.

Data backups

Users often invest significant time and effort creating an identity, adding data, and customizing settings and preferences within your app. Preserving this data and personalization for users is an important part of ensuring a great user experience.

Product Updates

Whether it’s an Andriod, iOS or Progress web application for your app to provide the best experience to your users. Android, iOS or Progress web apps need to be regularly updated to benefit from new features.

Award Winning quality

There are millions of Android and iOS apps in the app stores. If you want to be successful in such a competitive marketplace then your mobile app not only needs to provide quality of service, it also needs to be highly reliable.


Mobile analytics will help you gain an understanding of your users’ behavior and the app can be optimized to reach your goals. In the absence of analytics, it’s like shooting an arrow in the dark without seeing the target.

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“What I really liked about working with JaalaTek Design solution was their team’s attention to detail and the effort they put in to truly understand the problem and develop true empathy for user needs and their problems”

Saad Shah, Engagement Manager

“We partnered with JaalTek Design solution to deliver a mobile application for one of the largest telcos in Canada. They exceeded our expectations both in quality of service and mobile app development”

Donna Smith, VP of Products 

“Our users are very pleased with the mobile app built and delivered by JaalaTek. They worked like an extension of our team, they are true partners”

Dave Block, Product Manager

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