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JaalaTek is a local seo company based in Toronto. Our SEO team has a combined experience of 25+ years and we provide SEO services to businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. Top rankings in organic results ensure that you will be getting a lot of visitors without paying for every single click. All of our SEO strategies are based on tried and tested white hat methods and industry’s best practices.

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We believe in actual results like leads, sales, and calls for your business.

Work with SEO Veterans

We have been working in the SEO industry for almost a decade. You will be working with SEO veterans who understand the many nuances of search landscape, from seo friendly web design to user friendly content.

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The main focus of Local SEO and Adwords or FB Ads campaigns is to generate sales leads and revenue for your business. We do not waste your time and resources to rank for keywords that will not add anything to your bottomline

We welcome your Input

We will work with you to use your knowledge of your industry and target market to identify keywords or searches that we can target.

Link Building

On-page optimization is important but it is the off-page optimization or link building that actually makes the difference. In simple words, the more quality and relevant links you have, the higher your website will rank for your target keywords.

Technical SEO

We will carry out a technical SEO audit to make sure your website doesn’t have issues that stop it from getting crawled or indexed. Our technical audit includes but is not limited to checking the code, site map, and performing a complete site crawl using premium tools

SEO Content

We will create content that has the right keywords in the right places without affecting the quality. The perfect SEO content can help you target the right keywords but at the same time helps website visitors convert into leads or customers.

Exclusive Features

We can help you set up and optimize a mobile-friendly website or app while following the best SEO practices. Get in touch for a complete SEO solution that includes market research, competitive analysis, content creation, on-page and off-page SEO. We will create internal links to improve navigation but more importantly, pass the link juice to all important pages of the website. We will take steps to ensure that only the important pages are ranking and our crawl budget or link juice is not wasted on unnecessary items

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People will only link to your website if it has some content or features that are worth linking to. We will work to build link-able assets like blog posts and guides to get natural links. We will reach out to relevant blogs and websites with guest post requests. Getting featured on these blogs improves credibility and also gives us some quality links. We will keep an eye on the backlinks of your competitors and reach out to websites linking to your competitors. Because a website that is already linking to your competitor is more likely to link to you

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